Welcome to OpenSDS’ documentation!

OpenSDS is an industry-wide open source project under Linux Foundation for software-defined storage management, which promotes the use of simplified storage interfaces using a scalable storage controller architecture with open standard APIs, with the objective of providing application-oriented storage services.

The OpenSDS Project is a collaborative project under Linux Foundation supported by storage users and vendors, including Dell EMC, Intel, Huawei, Fujitsu, Western Digital, Vodafone, NTT and Oregon State University. The project will also seek to collaborate with other upstream open source communities such as Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Docker, OpenStack, and Open Container Initiative

It is a software defined storage controller that provides unified block, file, object storage services and focuses on:

  • Simple: well-defined API that follows the OpenAPI specification.
  • Lightweight: no external dependencies, deployed once in binary file or container.
  • Extensible: pluggable framework available for different storage systems, identity services, capability filters, etc.

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