SODA Foundation Community comprises of Partnering Organizations, Collaborating Organizations, Developers, Supporters and more. There are different channels through which you can be part of this community to collaborate, contribute and grow.

Why to join SODA Foundation

There are different value propositions based on End Users , Vendors or Developers. You can find the value of joining SODA Foundation here

How to join SODA Foundation


Please join us through one of the following channels:

  • Contribute through github projects:
    • Using your github id, you can raise issues, contribute code, do review, test the soda projects under
    • Basic steps of contributing to one project is explained here -“How to contribute”
  • SODA Slack:

Partners / Vendors / Supporters

You can join SODA Foundation in various capacities individual or organization level. Please check out our website for the value proposition and the contact form to reach us

Community Meetings

We have a global community meeting for SODA Foundation projects which open for all. We discuss technical and ecosystem related topics during this meeting.

You can find the meeting details here

Common Community Channels

How to Start your contributions

How to start pointers / tips for developers

  • Have a github id and learn to fork and work on a github repository
    • You can get the basic information from internet or refer the basic information at How to contribute
  • Ensure you have the slack account of SODA Workspace (Join here)
  • Try the latest soda foundation release
    • Go to the latest stable release from here
    • Follow the instructions for how to use the release
    • Make the setup and test (using the quick-start steps)
    • Once you are able to do, try developer method of installation from the release notes.
    • At any point, if you are facing any issue:
      • Raise issue in the release repo
      • Clarify / Seek help in the soda slack #general channel
  • Other Contribution Channels
    • Check the open issues in Documentation
    • If you can fix any of them, just add a comment in the issue saying you want to work on it
    • You can do @ to any members or author of the issues to notify them specifically
    • Raise the PR to fix the documentation
    • This procedure you can follow for any other project’s repository in the SODA github
    • Complete SODA Documentation is available here
  • If you think, we can add more inputs to this document or additional documentation links for developers including setup etc, please raise issue under SODA Documentation
  • Any other support please request at soda slack #general channel